Baxter Village has two club houses available for homeowners to rent.
The Community Center's third floor offers a large, open room suitable for about 75 people.  Tables and chairs are included with the rental.  The Community Center rents for $50 per hour.
The Community Center also has a conference room available to rent at no cost during business hours, and $25 per hour on off-hours.  The conference room can hold approximately 10 people.
Village Hall is a large, nicely furnished room boasting two fire places which can hold approximately 250 people.  
The rental agreement for all facilities can be found HERE.
Baxter Village has two pools available to homeowners.  
The Community Center Pool is a Jr. Olympic pool, and the home to Baxter Barracudas.
The Village Hall Pool is a zero entry poll, with a "mushroom" water feature.  Village Hall Pool is available for pool parties.  The rental agreement for pool parties can be found HERE.
Pocket Parks
Baxter Village has over 30 pocket parks scattered through out the neighborhood.  These parks offer a nice place to rest while you're out on a walk, or a great place for the kids to kick the soccer ball.
The Community Center Green, located in front of the Community Center is an expansive, tree lined lawn residents are free to use for pick up football games, picnics, or reading a book on a sunny day.  The monthly Concerts in the Park are held on the Green.
Baxter Village has 4 playgrounds throughout the neighborhood. 
Allision Park is located at Sutton and Founders St.
The playgrounds at the Community Center and Village Hall are along side the pools.
Shady Grove Park is located at Shady Grove and Market St.
Baxter Village has over 12 miles of trails throughout the community, and is part of the Carolina Thread Trail.  The Trail Club in Baxter not only maintains the trails, but they also have full moon fire throughout the year, and sponsor various trail runs for charity.  
Tennis Courts 
Baxter Village has two tennis courts available for residents.  To reserve a court, you must complete a reservation through  Instructions for that can be found HERE.